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Fiesta de los muertos!

Join us for a Spectacular Dia de los Muertos Fiesta 💀🌺🥁

We are delighted to announce this unique experience. Get ready for a unforgettable evening filled with vibrant Latin American culture , captivating live music, and incredible terrifying entertainment ☠️

Date: Sunday 29th of October
Time: 20.00 – 00.30h (don’t be late!)
Location: Parco Ibiza
Price: 25€ including entrance, welcome drink, live music, DJ and entertainment, excluding other drinks.
Dresscode: go crazy (and creepy😉), Dia de Los Muertos is about colors, flowers that come to live!

Inspired by the rich traditions and enchanting atmosphere of Dia de los Muertos, our event promises to be filled with festive flavors, music, and artistry!

Limited spaces available! Sign up via email info@parcoibiza.com or get your tickets through our Parco ambassadors 🩸🎃💀


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