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Mega Support (March 2024)


After the unforgettable success of our teambuilding last year at Parco, we decided not to explore new terrain for our team outing this year. Returning to the familiar beauty of Parco on Ibiza felt like a natural choice. It offers a perfect blend of atmosphere, facilities, and location that seamlessly aligns with our desires for a team outing.

The hospitality at Parco is impeccable; the staff is customer-friendly and easy-going, contributing to the relaxed atmosphere of the park. They exude a helpful attitude and are willing to accommodate special requests. This was particularly appreciated during our unique ice bath activity, where their flexibility and willingness to collaborate were invaluable.

The park itself, with its excellent location, provided us with the perfect backdrop for both relaxation and fun. The accommodations were superb without exception, and the overall ambiance of Parco contributed to a sense of well-being among the team. The exquisite food, a consistent highlight, confirmed Parco’s reputation as a destination where culinary expectations are exceeded.

While many of our activities were self-organized, Parco’s willingness to cooperate and support in realizing these activities was remarkable. Their cooperation was evidence of their flexible and customer-centric approach, ensuring that our team outing went smoothly.

Reflecting on this team outing, we once again identify three core values that characterize our experience at Parco:

– Customer-friendliness: The staff at Parco, easy-going and accommodating, make every experience personal and warm.

– Quality: From the luxurious accommodations to the exquisite food, Parco guarantees a high-quality experience.

– Flexibility: The support and collaboration in our activities demonstrated the adaptability and customer-centric attitude of the staff.

The memories we have created, strengthened by the beautiful surroundings and outstanding service of Parco, will be cherished for a long time.

VHC Group (March 2024)


Our visit to Parco Ibiza was a staff trip to celebrate the 80th anniversary of our company. It was a once in a lifetime dream trip for all of us, we have had the best time!

The fun already started during preparations, we collaborated so well, received many options for our program of activities and felt very confident beforehand that the trip would be amazing.

Our expectations were exceeded… Parco is a paradise to stay at; the site, atmosphere and facilities are perfect for any group. All different accommodations are comfortable and styled with care, you feel at home instantly.

The facilities that are offered cater to anyone’s wishes. The pool, bar and restaurant are great places to hang out. The food and drinks are all done so well. We loved the theme-nights, from BBQ to movie night to karaoke, everyone had such a great time and we bonded so much as a group.

And then there is the staff…. They are just delightful! So friendly and service-minded, they have taken such great care of us.

Parco Ibiza is a dream place to stay, where unforgettable experiences take place and memories that last a lifetime are made!


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